Wednesday, June 20, 2012

" if you were a giant red river."

Daddy Honey is in San Diego for a librarian conference.

We are jealous. But he is sending back many pictures, one of which was a Navy sub docked in the Pacific Ocean, and that went over very well.

This morning, I overheard Woody  in the bathroom making up a guided meditation/yoga session. I asked him if he'd be willing to record some of it on my phone. I am just learning how to make movies (using the free download Windows Live Movie Maker), so I put the audio file to a picture to test it out. The picture is a photocopy Woody made of his hand, which he thought was a very silly thing that people do.

 "Relax your body. Let your blood flow through as if you were a giant red river."

Naturally, having a recording device changed the play entirely, and within seconds he was recording voiced guitar licks and gun battles with Fox. He ended by recording a statement of how much he loved me, which he set to play, handed me the phone, then ran off giggling.