Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Window shopping

On our drive down to Central Florida from Northwest Arkansas, we passed many RV's. It has long been a dream of mine to travel extensively via RV. I love staying at state and national parks, but I get a little put-off by bad weather and the long set-up and tear-down times of camping. So, I mentioned to the boys that I'd like to buy one someday, the kind that's built on a van chassis--not huge, but big enough so that the boys could play in the back while I or Daddy Honey drove. We agreed it would be interesting to see inside of one, so we put on our list of possible things to do to visit an RV dealership.

I had no idea how crazy expensive motor homes are. Even the smallish ones! Like, six years old, still $35,000! The dealer told me--encouragingly, he thought--that a twenty-five-year-old model had recently sold for just $10,000. Heck, you can pay cash for something like that, he said. Right...

So, a dream it will stay for the time being. I walked away with a little pang of self-pity--with the only house we ever owned having been foreclosed on two weeks ago, and credit card debt still carried from when we were trying our darndest to stay living there, I was annoyed at myself for having thought that something like an RV was in our future. But you know what? The kids didn't care about my or anyone else's projections into some imagined bleak future that included only--gasp!--car travel and tent camping. They had fun just being there. They explored, asked questions about various features, decided on what the sleeping arrangement would be in each model we looked at, talked about places they'd like to visit.

That was it for them. The joy and interest of forty-five minutes spent doing something new. Who cares if they ever actually sleep in their own RV? They already had a good time in one. In several, in fact!

On the way home, we got gelati. I sat in the car with sleeping Fox and Aila and Woody sat beneath the big umbrella. It started to rain.