Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out of the house and in the house

Yesterday, Woody finally wanted to leave the house again. Since we'd been back, he's wanted to be reacquainting himself with the tangibles of his life here, but yesterday he asked to go to the bakery. We drank banana-peach smoothies here, then went there for cinnamon buns.

There's a secret garden down the alley behind the bakery that the boys like to play at for a few minutes before we leave. We never see anyone back there, but there's evidence of gentle, regular use--sometimes the chairs are different, sometimes people make pictures from the fallen leaves or like yesterday, place objects in and around the trees. It's such an unexpected little space, weedy and wild, but somehow begging for happy, unscripted interactions.

We played most of the afternoon on our porch with the Playmobils. Earlier in the day we'd watched the Playmobil YouTube channel, which has videos all in German. The boys and I practiced our ein's and doktor's and kint's.

And tonight, Daddy Honey and Woody are watching an episode of Nova about sharks. They showed footage of the Museum of Florida History in Gainesville where we've been four or five times, and they interviewed one of the scientists there right in front of the Megalodon jaws that scared Fox! I walked up in the middle of the show, and Woody explained to me about Sharklet, the surface material made to simulate shark's skin where no bacteria will grow. The second Nova episode was about non-Newtonian fluids, and how they're being used to stabilize buildings for earthquakes, bridges for high winds, and shocks for military vehicles. They showed the host running over the surface of a vat of the same cornstarch-water mixture that we made a few weeks ago. Woody regretted that we hadn't thought to do that as part of our experiment.