Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eureka Springs

Woody felt woozy just out of the car--those twisty mountain roads will do that. We sat on the stoop of a little candy shop that was closed for the season until he felt better. He threw up. Way up. Into a street planter filled with pansies.

But then he felt much better, and we walked up and around Basin Park. I love unexpected art. I love how beautiful pieces such as this seems to hold a kind of cement-and-sparkles magic that gets immediate entry into your soulful self, the part of you that's always looking to be awed and challenged and moved.

Woody and I rested on a bench that was cast in 1880. It said so in huge letters right on the back. While we did, Fox put on a show for us. It was about the Easter Bunny being a soldier, and was mostly pantomime. There was one street performer in the otherwise empty park, and it turns out I had met him once. He came to church, and we talked about organic gardening.