Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We did the Easter morning thing in our hotel room in Knoxville on the way back from Washington. Usually, we do a treasure hunt with maps and clues and such. This year, we went simple and hid chocolate eggs around the room and had a plain-view stockpile of candy and cash. The boys settled on a mutually agreeable division with Woody getting most of the chocolate and cash and Fox getting the big bag of jelly beans to himself. I had carefully hidden the eggs in sets of two to reinforce the idea of sharing the bounty down the middle, but they worked it out in a way that was much better for themselves. 

I finished a pair of wool shorts for my baby niece Juni. Long daylight drives are the very best for knitting, especially small projects like this that can be finished by the time you get home. I even started a second pair in purples. A lot of people say that one thing they don't miss about the baby years is the diapers. I don't feel that way. I miss the diapers. I liked seeing them all drying out on the line. I liked having a basket full of fluffy clean ones. I liked making my own diaper salves and lavender spray. And I especially liked the wool diaper covers. 

We stopped in Memphis on the way home and had lunch with family. Not exactly Easter lunch, but fun, spontaneous, and delicious lunch with cousin time on the side.