Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last night's pop-up castle-book fun picked right back up again this morning, which is a special and not uncommon circumstance with homeschooling. Kids can really, truly live with a subject of fascination, picking it up any time of day for days or weeks or months at a time, exploring it through reading, writing, watching shows, visiting places, telling their own stories, talking with friends, and of course, playing pretend. They get what they want and need, and then they move on.

I think I am at my best in the mornings. If I got enough sleep the night before, and if there's not something dreadful happening that day like going to traffic court or making a difficult phone call, I mostly wake up relaxed but curious, open to what the day may bring and happy to be alive. My kids usually wake up that way, too. I lay in bed or sit on the couch listening to the birds, increasingly able to pick out their songs and the names they call each other (thanks to my own recent fascination with bird watching). The air is often hazy and still sweet with the night's dew. The light outside is lavender-gray and soft at first, and then announcing itself in slants of bright, directed gold. Living downtown, there is also the beginnings of bustling about, cars on the road, neighbors letting out dogs, the first (or maybe second?) bell from the high school down the street. Once there are at least two of us up, there is the unfolding of plans for the day, rejoining toys left arranged in mid-play from the day before, recounting of dreams, watching cartoons, stepping out in the backyard with the dogs to lift one's nose and feel soft grass beneath bare feet.

And there's breakfast, favorite foods eaten fresh and gladly as the chatter and energy is on the rise.

Daddy Honey misses out on this five days a week, and I feel sorry for him for that. And on the weekends, the boys are so happy that he's home that they leap out of bed and run right in to accost him with stories, tickles, and requests for wrestling; relaxed is not a word I would apply to his experience of Saturday and Sunday mornings. So, this morning we took two three-years-ago-trendy ideas--crepes and food in cups--and combined them to bring Daddy Honey some smashing Honey House Homeschool breakfast. 

This morning feels particularly keen because last night was a late one, and fun. We ate a late dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheeses then stayed up talking and playing pop-up houses. Woody put himself to bed, but Fox and I lasted and lasted until he began to get surly and sleepy. Then, it was time and he was out, happily, in five minutes.

This morning, with everything still in its place, we got right to the business of making new recruits for the cardboard castle and otherwise finishing out the story. By the afternoon, they were done with it, and it was packed up and replaced on the shelf for another day.