Sunday, April 28, 2013

Worms, farm life, friends, and disc golf

OK, here's the broken record portion of this post:

I worked too many hours this month. WAY too many. Like, three times what I'm paid to work. What can I say? I am trying to be better. I have submitted for an increase of hours. If I don't get it, I have a revised job description that is realistic for the 12 hours a week I'm supposed to work. And no matter what, I'm going to try really, really hard to rein in my ambitions and hone my no-saying skills (no matter how scintillating the opportunity for the religious education program). It's hard, when you can just taste how freakin' great something is going to be, to act in accordance with your own boundaries and be realistic about the resources you have to work with to make things happen. I think every person who works in an institutional educational setting can relate to that. But it has to be so.

So, moving on, here's what's new in our lives:

A worm bin made at church with a big group of other kids, teens, and adults. This project took up several of those too-many hours of work!

A visit to the community farm. Too bad, though--we missed the farmers and left without being able to volunteer for the day.

At the university "Farm Friends" educational outreach event, we visited with many, many livestock animals. Baby chicks were cute as ever.

Practicing "milking" a "cow" at the same extension office event. I swear, these boys--Fox especially--would be pleased as punch to be farm kids. If I made up my mind to settle into it, I'd love it too, but that settling into the steady, home-focused life of homesteading is a scary leap for me. 

A homeschool co-op get together that was intended to be structured and scheduled, but turned out to be a pretty amazing play date (much preferable to my boys). The tension there is uncomfortable for me, and I'm presently trying to talk with the other moms who organize it and see how and if we're going to be able to keep enjoying the group without unintentionally sabotaging their efforts to hold lessons. But I have a feeling we're going to be pulling back and doing mostly the park play days.

Disc Golf in the rain. Eighteen holes, and still happy.