Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Animal lovers

Look what we found today:

Woody spotted him next to the house, a little Speckled kingsnake. I thought for a moment of trying to catch it so we could all get a closer look, but I decided no. I like being around people who are animal-handlers--my friend Joy is a natural snake charmer, my niece Aila catches and plays with lizards at her home in Florida, Mackenzie picks up toads and frogs, Robin has a knack for finding and bringing to safety wounded or stranded birds. There's a kind of magic to it. But, it's not my kind of magic, and anyway, the boys lost interest and went back inside after a few minutes.

I remembered something I wrote about Woody and animals a little over a year ago, and thought good thoughts about their Grandaddy who passed away in March:

"Woody likes learning about and watching animals a lot, and finds them wonderfully amusing, but I've noticed he doesn't much care for interactions beyond a little pat. He seldom wants to go over to the puppy at the park or hold the snake at the zoo. He's much more likely to sit and let the cat come to him or giggle at the rodent's antics. His Grandaddy is like this, and has acquired many an animal admirer over the years--once even a wild goose!--because of his calm energy and easy acceptance that asks nothing of any other creature except not to be aggressive. It's not what most people mean whey they say their kids love animals, but it is a kind of love, an unconditional one that lives and lets live."

Grandaddy with the Chinese goose--"Franc"--who adopted him and followed his fishing boat up and down that Bayou Desaird.

Grandaddy there on the left, and Daddy Honey as a boy reaching down to touch the giant snapper they found with a tracking device strapped to its back. It was part of a university research project, and had gotten away from the scientists who were studying it. They were glad to have him caught and returned.