Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nothing Special

You know what's the best? Yea, I know you know. But I'm going to tell you what it looks like sometimes to me:

Silliness and fun. Doing nothing special with the most special people in my world. Giggling. Losing track of time because of the distracting power of a mind occupied and a heart happy. Sighing with love.

I have put up protective walls around these moments in the middle of of a week jamb-packed with meetings, work days, replies to urgent emails, and other exciting but wearisome obligations leading up to a day-long training on Saturday that I've helped to plan at work. And I had a very freeing realization: if I can notice these happy, easy, lovey moments in the midst of such pressure, if I can even set aside whole hours to relish in them, then I can do it when there aren't looming deadlines and pressing tasks. I can. I can just decide that these moments trump most everything else, and I can enjoy them.