Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Valentine, Marionettes, Fairy Journals, and a Passing

The boys and I made stained-glass heart valentines to send around to loved ones this past February. My mom has hers still stuck to her kitchen window, and today I saw that my sister Kate has her displayed in her bathroom. We sent one to Grandaddy in the hospital a month before he passed away. I wanted to ask someone who visited him in if it was there, but the question didn't seem quite right. But I'd like to think that he got it, and knew we were thinking of him with love.

The kids and I caught a mid-day performance of the Wizard of Oz at the marionette puppet theater. It was a little disappointing; all the sound was pre-recorded, and they were short one puppeteer, making for some awkward transitions, especially when the script called for more than three puppets on the stage at once. The kids noticed, and afterward described the show as "OK." I wish I would have been a bit more fair-minded about it. I could have offered some possible explanations for the lackluster parts and focused on the aspects that were good. As it was, I joined them in an "Eh" review. 

The Spiderwick fairy field guide is turning out to be way fun. My niece and I especially are having a great time with it. Today, we made proper notebooks in which to record our observations of fantastical creatures in the (usually) Invisible World. 

My friend Sharon showed me several years ago how to make a simple book using a running stitch through cover and paper as a binding, so we applied it here with slightly different materials. Nana has LOTS of cool stuff with which to be creative. We found a selection of awls, a sizable stash of leather scraps, and enough sewing supplies to quilt, cover, and clothe a small village. 

We were both very pleased with the results. Aila's  is the dark teal-covered book in the front. Her first entry was, "Fairies love bread. They eat it almost every time, if they are real, that is."

And, today, Daddy Honey brought our 13-year-old Doberman in to be put down. I don't have much more to say about that right now, though in the next few weeks I may.