Friday, June 14, 2013

Medieval Times

...was AMAZING.

Woody was ecstatic in the most literal sense of the word--consumed by a frenzy of delight--for nearly the whole show. Knights, steeds, flags, swords, lances, maces, morning stars, shields, and axes--in action--feet from us. (If you made a soup of my boys' all-time favorite things to play, the main ingredients would be in that last sentence.) Also, a medieval village of houses, workshops, and displays, including devices of torture that, understandably, spooked Fox a little bit.

But the part Woody liked best was the cheering for the knight in whose color section we sat, and the corresponding booing of the knight on the opposite side. He wanted our whole table to be pumped up, and would coach us on things to say and ways to make big noise. His uncles, both of whom have two daughters each who tend to be more reserved in public, got a big kick out of Woody's overwhelming display of happy dudeness.

With a discount coupon that my niece got at school last week (a perk of living in the world's most popular tourist destination), it was a hundred dollars total for the three tickets, and worth every bloomin' penny.

So giddy he couldn't sit still--a blur of joy and excitement for an hour and a half.