Saturday, June 15, 2013

Play and curiosity around the house

When we come back to Florida, it's always tempting to fill the days with exploration, trips, adventures, and new experiences. That can be a lot of fun, and this blog is full of pictures and stories from such travels--Central Florida has them aplenty. But it's also fun to simply be at home here, to play with the toys my younger sister and I, and  my now 16-year-old nephew, played with, to go swimming and watch Spongebob and pet animals and go in the front yard to look at bugs. 

Daddy Honey talks about being at his grandparents' home, which the 34 grandkids call "1911" after the address. What he remembers is not using it as a base for sightseeing, but rather, as a special, beloved, quirky, comfortable, life-filled place to be. It was the time he spent there thinking, playing, getting to know and feeling loved by his grandparents, climbing trees with cousins, eating popcorn and drinking Dr. Pepper, and learning by experience where he came from that made 1911 so wonderful to him, and the others. That's a sustaining memory. It's maybe odd to think that we have relationships with places, but of course we do. And our relaionships with some places, especially homes, are every bit as worthy of cultivation as those with any park, art museum, science center, or other area attraction.

1980's and 1990's Legos.

Pet sitting my sister's Chihuahua and testing the limits of inter-species tolerance. This dog is rather cat-like, and our rabbit is rather dog-like, so the sum of their personalities was more significant than their genetic predisposition to a predator-prey relationship.

The Stink Lily has emerged! Latin name, no surprise: Amorphophallus paeoniifolius. Other pseudonyms are Corpse Flower and Carrion Flower. Appeared one day out of the blue about ten years ago, and comes up almost every year, but hasn't ever bloomed its notorious bloom.

2 1/2 hours of our evening, constructing the Lego Harry Potter castle. The other side, which folds out, shows a very intricate inside.This was possible because Fox the whole while pretended to run a junkyard and would fetch us the pieces we needed from his pile.

Fox at the pincushion again. Best toy in the house.