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This is a homeschooling blog. Maybe a parenting blog, too. It's about me--Teresa--spending days with my children and reflecting on the fun, the surprises, the challenges, and more. So, it touches on many aspects of our lives including playing, learning, creating peace, finding inspiration, nurturing spirituality, living well in our bodies, enjoying the plenty (plenty of time, plenty of resources, plenty of love plenty of patience) and turning over stones, real and metaphorical.

In the fall of 2011, I set out to make a project out of my then-5-year-old son Woody's first year as a homeschooler. On the blog Honey House Kindgarden, I tracked learning moments for 180 days, corresponding to the 180 days that schoolkids are in school.

Life is inseparable from learning, I came to realize, so the concept got a little messy, but the blog did its job in helping me to see how very rich, organic, varied, individual, collective, and surprising learning can be in the absence of preconceived ideas of what's important to learn at which ages and how.

When the 180th post rolled around, I stopped for a while. But I missed writing about our homeschooling. I'm a writer, too, and the blog had been the gathering place for words and pictures that were yet to be worked into poems. So, I took what turned out to be a a two-month break from blogging--maybe we'll call it my summer vacation.

This blog picks up where the Honey House Kindgarden left off, but makes no promises to deliver 180 posts in ten months. It will probably cover more time, and average fewer posts per week. The rest of the family--Daddy Honey, me, Fox, and Woody--will all be featured more fully. Homeschooling, I now know, is a group project, no doubt about it.

I'm good at finding what's special about the everyday. I'm also good at collecting bits of wisdom from other people. I have moments that I'm not proud of, and that I try not to dwell on. I get crabby. I forget important things. I get resentful. But, I have tools to move on from those moments, and I do, as fast as I can and hopefully with a little lesson to carry with me to the next situation.

If you want to, you can write to me at treesock<@>  yahoo.com. I would be happy to write back when I can.