Who we are

I, Teresa, am a poet and a director of religious education at a Unitarian-Universalist church. I was a middle school teacher for several years. Nonviolent Communication, Women's Spirituality, wise friends and community have all be helpful and meaningful in my life. Also, listening closely to other folks, especially when they're telling their stories. I like hiking; traveling; growing food, herbs, and edible flowers; making art; swimming and paddling; baking birthday cakes; knitting; quilting; and making campfires. 

Daddy Honey is a historian, archvist, and librarian. He is grounded, calm, and accepting by nature, even though he's an Aries. He likes good food and food politics, and volunteers for our local grocery co-op. He plays trumpet and kickball. He is the ideal blood donor, with type O blood and huge veins. He likes SEC football, live music, hoppy beer, biking to work, politics, and good books. 

Woody likes soldiers, knights, military history, and funny stories. He also likes board games and card games; thrashing rock music; silly faces; swimming; playing down by the creek, playing video games; making and eating sushi; the Avatar cartoon series; and babies. He is compassionate and thoughtful, sensitive, curious, and chatty.

Fox likes pouring his own milk and going for walks. He loves knights, pirates, playing pretend, drawing with markers, ice cream, pizza, pasta, and bread. He doesn't like swimming at all, or teeth brushing. He misses nursing. He hates shoes. His two favorite places to be are on his daddy's shoulders and standing behind his brother on the chair watching video games. His love is fierce, and he is naturally funny.  He has quick reflexes and a strong sense of independence.